vendredi 20 mai 2011

Pics/vids on request - Photos/Videos à la demande

Hello to Everybody,

Just a quick message before the week-end to ask you to tell us what pics or vids you would like us to take for you !
Don't hesitate to propose us you your fatasies and everything you have in mind (art or porn, objects, inside/outside, etc). Please be as precise as possible (staging and scenario) so we can fit more easily the expectations.
We will consider all propositions and will come back to you with the list of propositions so you can then chose the priority by preference order :)
We will of course then make the expected pics/vids with a dedication to the person who proposed us the retained idea !
Bonjour à tous,

Juste un petit message avant le week-end pour vous demander de nous faire part des photos ou videos que vous aimeriez que nous fassions pour vous !
N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos fantasmes et tout ce qui vous passe par la tête (art ou porno, objets, intérieur/extérieur, etc). Soyez le plus précis possible (mise en scène et scenario) afin que nous soyons au plus prêt de vos attentes.
Nous étudierons toutes les demandes et vous soumetterons ensuite la liste recueillie afin que vous puissiez vous exprimer une seconde fois pour les classer par ordre de préférence :)
Nous ferons ensuite les dites photos/video avec une mention dans celles-ci de l'internaute qui aura proposé cette idée !

17 commentaires:

  1. hello.
    As always great pic!
    we would like to suggest the following.
    You 2 in an elevator. she wears a skirt, below the knee. the skirt is not tight.
    the elevator must have a mirror. Big one!
    First you begin with some upskirt photos. The she places her leg on the elevator hand hold.. Another great upskirt.
    You pull her skirt up and start fucking. doggy style and then she on the air, while he holds her with his arms.
    You end with a nice cum shot on her face and tits..

    Hope you enjoy this request for pics and videos!

    Os cereja

  2. I must say I love that pic when her mouth is full of cum!
    I would love to see more pix and vids of that :P

  3. Really a cool and very sexy picture. She is beautiful with the cum in her mouth...

  4. Great pic, as always. First time I write you, but I've been a long-time fan.

    I'd love to see you both having sex dressed in a sophisticated way: the male in a dark suit with tie, or even a tuxedo, and she wearing a night dress, stockings, high heels, her hair up, long gloves, red lips...

    The idea is to see you fucking with the clothes on: the penis outside the zip, and she pulling the dress, and finally receiving a facial or the cum in the mouth.

    This is a fantasy of mine I'd love to fulfill someday: to go with my girl to a very luxurious and formal party, hide in a room, have sex and then return to the party as if anything had happened... ;-)

  5. Yes the sum is sexy and as a wish as idea I saw something on your friend website... the man wait the cum pourring in his mouth... ;-)

  6. Hola!
    Los videos y fotos que subis ya son buenisimos...seguir asi

  7. I love your blog. She is really pretty and sexy

    If you like, i propose you these ideas if you like :

    -This is a video. She will blow the dick until he is ready to cum. He cums on her face while her eyese are looking continuously at the camera. Video in slow motion
    - Another video : he fucks her until he is ready to cum. He puts a transparent funnel in her pussy and he cums in the funnel. We can see the cum entering her pussy. He removes after the funnel and she gets up with a transparent glass between the legs to poor the cum oozing from her pussy. When all cum is out, she swallow the content of the glass
    - Another video : she blows him until he is ready to cum. He cums in her wide open mouth. Video in slow motion. She plays a long time with the cum in her mouth, touching it with her fingers and at the end she swallows the cum.
    - Video or pics : She masturbates with her foot. At the end he cums on her foot.

    As you can see, I love cum pics and videos. i hope you can do some for me :P

  8. Quelques suggestions:
    1. Elle se masturbe tout en parlant et en détaillant ce qu'elle fait ou ressent.
    2. Attachée sur une chaise, les jambes attachées aux pieds, les bras dans le dos. Entièrement nue, un bandeau sur les yeux et un sextoy en elle, elle vous suce.

  9. Autres suggestions:
    1. En pleine nature, sur un tapis d'herbe, elle est complètement nue et à quattre pattes et a un plug dans l'anus. Elle vous tend ses fesses pour que votre sexe remplace le plug et que vous la sodomisiez.
    2. En extérieur, elle s'exhibe dans une robe ouverte sur le devant. Des photos la montrent, poitrine et sexe à l'air, la robe ouverte et qui vous regarde en souriant, avec en arrière plan des gens visibles sur la photo.
    3. Elle fait du vélo, totalement nue. Une variation possible sur ce thème avec un sextoy fixé sur la selle.

  10. Bonjour !

    I don't know if you are into swinging (not seen pictures) but if the case i give you ideas :
    - with another girl. the two girl are in opposed position, doggy style, ass to ass and they share a double dong in the pussy. Another pic lying on their back and sharing the double dong in the pussy.
    - with two guys. Show her holding a hard cock in each hand and the two cocks in her mouth. cum on face by the two guys at the end !
    - with a black guy. the guys is seated and she is sitted on him, her pussy filled with his big black cock. the two hands of the guy are holding her breast.
    Bravo pour le blog toujours !

  11. Salut!

    What about training her as a petgirl for a while and then picture our fantasies. :)

    à bientôt ...

    The Mephistos

  12. bonjour room 1509 je suis un de vos plus grand fan bravo pour toute c est photo super sexy et biensur vos video super exitante .petite video fetischiste collant serait super je dit encore bravo pour la qualité de vos photo et de la derniére video.salut a vous attent avec impaciense vos prochaine photo.

  13. Salut "Anonyme", merci de tes encouragements. Je te propose de créer un compte blogger, ou de nous laisser un pseudo afin que nous puissions te faire une petite "dédicace" dans les photos/videos que tu nous as demandées !

    To All "anonyms" please leave us a nickname when you ask for pictures and video, so we can leave a little "dedication" in each pic or vid, we will do !

  14. merci merci d avoire reagie a mon petit commentaire une petite dédicace me ferait super plaisir je n ai pas de compte blogger mes sinon j ai un compte gmx a tout hasard je vous le laisse si vous le voulez bien pour cette petite c est une boite vous remercie et une trés bonne journée a encore bravo pour votre travaille(bob)

  15. ooooops l adresse mail c est (bob)

  16. Suggestion 1: Go to a restaurant, remove panties and lift your skirt up... Give secretely handjobs to one or two guys and let them use your cunt with their hands. When it is over, drop the panties under the table before you leave so that all will see and know what a little slut you are.
    We did that too. See this link of N posing in the restaurant..

  17. Suggestion nr 2: Get naked at a parking lot, get on all fours doggy style and let guys write whatever they want on your body before you suck them.... See some that N did: